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Whose Feminism is it Anyway?: The Unspoken Racism of the Trans Inclusion Debate

i’m intentionally keeping this blog almost entirely my own postings, and rather than repost other people’s content that i think is great, i’m giving it a <3 and anyone who cares to see what other people on tumblr are saying that i think is worth a look can see it by looking at my “likes” and won’t have to see it repeated on their dashes.  this blog is going to be putting up content rather infrequently, in the hopes that everyone will spend a half hour reading one really substantive article, rather than a half hour scrolling through several dozen short snippets.  nothing wrong with the shorter content, but it’s just not the intention or orientation of *this* blog.

that said, this is not on tumblr for me to <3 (or at least that’s not where i ran into it), so i’m posting a link to the site where i found it.  it’s a lengthy (11-page) paper written in a formal style and includes a thorough references/works cited section.